Music Links

On this page we have links to some great mp3 music and other music related websites.

Progressive Rock Websites


Check up on progressive rock news from established and independant artists on this new blog

Relaxing and Healing Music

Get free spa music from this neat little site. Relaxing spa sounds on a jukebox that you can download for free. This music is ideal for spa therapies or aromatherapy etc.

For those of you interested in atmospheric music to stimulate the mind and soul then you can listen to free downloads of  New Age Music  on this great website. There are loads of free samples to keep you occupied. The music is ideal for yoga and meditation. There are also relaxing videos to watch. You can also listen to samples of guided meditations on mp3 on this dedicated site for channeled teachings set against a beautiful back drop of relaxing music.

If you are looking for soft music to help ease your mind and put you into a deep state of relaxation then listen to the free samples of this deeply relaxing music.

The sounds of the the earth, the sea and the woodlands. Listen to free samples and get free downloads of inspiring nature music


Other Music and mp3 Sites

Available for hire for venues and events all around the UK. Singer guitarist Dave Robertson is an acoustic act singing popular song from the 60's right up into the prsent. Listen to him play on his website before booking